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Find genuine and authentic brands on Opens external link in new windowwww.Key-Gate.de: Our platform provides African, European and Middle Eastern company brands and product brands, as well as enterprises and manufactures involved in creating their own individual and attractive identity.

KEY-GATE Brandworld

www.Key-Gate.com is THE B2B marketplace for African, European and Middle Eastern brands. Small and middle-sized companies and startups will find a venue to position, present, stage their brands and to tell their success and heroic brand history on Key-Gate. The consumers’ perception of a brand is called brand image. The presence on www.Key-Gate.com enhances the high profile and image of young and still internationally unknown enterprises and product brands.

On www.Key-Gate.com users can additionally receive brand services, like design, brand story, brand management, strategy "Geographical origin", packaging, etcetera, as a third-party service by KEY-GATE if desired.

The trademark protection can be reached either by the national trademark protection or by the community trademark protection. From national brands and community brands there are to differ the international registered brands, the so-called “IR-brands” (international registered). Trademark law expert:  Opens external link in new windowLawyer Philipp Fürst