Your benefits

KEY-GATE, the international b2b brand marketplace:

  • Unerring electronic communication network between Africa, Europe and Middle East.
  • Brands world for african brands... and their heroic stories.
  • Marketplace for brands from Middle East.
  • Direct business contacts.  
  • Local representatives. DUAL KEY-GATE principle (DKGP)!
  • Development of sustainable value chains, local und international.
  • Efficient presentation of products.
  • New commercial partnerships.  
  • Fast sales results in unknown regions.  
  • Interesting and so far unknown business partners.   
  • Trade and sale without any intermediary.   
  • Marketplace of innovative product concepts.   
  • Fascinating communications partners.   
  • Marketplace of searching and offering.   
  • Quick and simple approaches.  
  • direct sales results with optimized yields.   
  • optimal conditions for fair business contacts.   
  • meeting point for innovative entrepreneurs.